Taylor Swift Music World was founded back on November 16, 2007 by myself. The actually name of the site is “Taylor Swift Music World – For All Things Taylor” but it is called Taylor Swift Music World for short. “For All Things Taylor” has always been the slogan for the site since I started it originally on zoomshare.com. The reason I chose this slogan was cause I have always wanted this site to be the best Taylor Swift fan site ever made with downloads no one would take the time to upload or even do. I first became a Taylor Swift fan back in 2007 when I heard my all time favorite Taylor Swift song “Teardrops on My Guitar”. At the time I knew (and still know to this day) how it felt to be in love with someone and had to put it on the back-burner cause they wanted someone else. “Teardrops” became my instant favorite song and as soon as I was able I went out and bought her self-titled debut album (which was still only an 11 track album at the time.) I thought it was weird that the version of “Teardrops” on the album was different from what I had heard in the video but I still loved the song and soon fell in love with all 11 tracks on the album. After that I started Taylor Swift Music World. It was right around the time the deluxe edition of her self-titled debut album was released and the site has existed since.  The site’s original home on zoomshare.com was from 2007 to the beginning of 2010 where it would move from there to here on webs.com. The reason for this move was because I always had a vision for this site that I wasn’t able to get on zoomshare.com and it heavily involved the Album lyrics page. I have always been fascinated by being able to just click on the album cover and going to the page that is solely for that album only. Taylor Swift Music World‘s sister site, as I call it, Sugarland Music would be the first fan site I been making to actually finish the dream I had always wanted for Taylor Swift Music World. Of course with the way these free web design sites are you had to pay money to be able to add features to your site such as more then 20 pages that you could actually use instead of unlimited. For awhile I was highly disappointed in the way Taylor Swift Music World was turning out. So I finally talked to my significant other and we discussed it and he help me pay to get the ability to make Taylor Swift Music World the way I have always envisioned it to be. And now that has finally come true. Taylor Swift Music World has turned out better then I had ever hoped it would be and I will continue to make it better. I have been on here for the past month working on this site day and night making changes, adding new pages and features, anything to make Taylor Swift Music World to be “For All Things Taylor”. I hope that you will all see this and I hope I can not only live up to my own expectations but yours as well. And thank you to all those who visit this site and to those who keep coming back to see what is new. Thank you to all those who have become members of the site and to the future members of Taylor Swift Music World. Nothing in the world can express the joy I feel knowing my site is doing what I have always wanted it to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I really do hope you enjoy the site.

Taylor Swift Music World

Update 2021: Sadly due to webs.com deciding to no longer offer premium services, something that I was not aware of when I intended to only cancel my membership for a few days I had to move the site once again and so I paid $1 for 1 year and will be paying $15 a year afterwords to keep this site going and moved here where it is now and to still have the same features I had on webs.com.

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