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Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is the first re-recorded album by American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift. The album is a re-recording of her second studio album, Fearless. Released April 9, 2021 through Republic Records, the re-recording is the first of her first six albums she has planned to release to regain ownership of her original work through Big Machine Records after Scott Borchetta, then president of the record label, sold the label, along with the ownership of the master recordings to Swift’s early work through Big Machine after she left in 2018 to sign on with Republic Records, to Scooter Braun for $300 million. Swift publicly condemned the selling of the label via social media explaining she had been trying to buy the masters for years only to be offered unfavorable conditions and denounced Braun as an “incessant, manipulative bully”. In August of 2019 Swift revealed her intentions on re-recording her old music as soon as she was allowed to. With Swift also being the publisher of the music due to her being the main songwriter to all her songs she released through Big Machine, this allowed her, per the artist-label agreement that stipulates the artist cannot re-record a song for a fixed period of time, to re-record her music any time she wanted if she so chose to. By re-recording, Swift is technically covering her own songs into new sound recordings, resulting in new masters that she fully owns, which would enable her to control the licensing of her songs for commercial use, bypassing the owners of the older masters and subsequently devaluing them.

In October 2020, it was announced that Braun had sold the masters, artwork and music videos to Shamrock Holdings for $405 million. Swift later revealed that Braun had offered her a chance to bid on her work on condition she signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding her public statements against him in an attempt to try and gag Swift from making any further public remarks against him, an offer she refused. Swift also revealed, upon being reached out to by Shamrock Holdings, that Braun had put a non-disclosure agreement on the company to not say a word to Swift about the purchase until it was completed. Swift attempted to become an equity partner with Shamrock Holdings but would decline upon learning that Braun would still continue to profit off of her work and in November 2020 Swift returned to her original plan and began working on re-recording her first six albums.

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) retains the nineteen tracks that were featured on the Platinum Edition of Fearless but instead puts the original thirteen tracks of the album back in the original track order and the remaining six songs from the Platinum Edition as tracks fourteen to nineteen. The re-recorded album also includes Swift’s soundtrack single from Valentine’s Day, “Today Was a Fairytale”. As an incentive to get fans to buy her new recording of the album, Swift also went back into what she deems as “The Vault” and released six new songs that were original supposed to appear on the original Fearless album but were cut due to, as Swift publicly stated, “don’t want too many break up songs, don’t want too many down temp songs, can’t fit that many songs on a physical CD.” This brought the grand total of songs for Fearless to 26. A 27th bonus track was included on the physical deluxe edition of the album which contained a remix of Taylor’s version of “Love Story” by Elvira. US Target versions of the album also contained an exclusive foldout poster instead of a traditional lyric booklet.

Commercially, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) did well debuting at number one on the Billboard 200, making Swift the first artist to ever have a re-recorded album to top the Billboard 200. This also broke Swift’s previous record of most number one albums in a short period of time, a record previously held by her album, evermore, with four months between the two albums. It also topped the Hot Country Albums chart at number one.


To promote her re-recording of Fearless, Swift released one song from the album to radio and two as promotional singles. Swift’s version of “Love Story” was released as a lead single off the album on February 12, 2021. The new version was well received by music critics and peaked at number one on the Hot Country Songs chart, making Swift the second artist since Dolly Parton to have the original and re-recorded version top the chart. On March 26, 2020, Swift released “You All Over Me”, a song featuring Marren Morris and one of the six “Vault” tracks as a promotional single. Two days before the re-recordings’ release, Swift via Twitter, announced the release of another vault track, “Mr. Perfectly Fine”, along with a lyric video stating:

Me in 2020: life is chill, writing songs based in fiction to avoid drama, feeling pretty grown up

My 2008 music from the vault, in a goblin voice: “REELEEEEEEASE MR PERFECTLY FIIIIIIINE”

Taylor Swift via Twitter

The song peaked at number two on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Track listing

Track TitleWritersProducersLength
1. “Fearless”Hilary Lindsey, Liz Rose, Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:00
2. “Fifteen”Liz Rose, Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:54
3. “Love Story”Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift3:55
4. “Hey Stephen”Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:14
5. “White Horse”Liz Rose, Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift3:54
6. “You Belong with Me”Liz Rose, Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift3:51
7. “Breathe” (featuring Colbie Callait)Colbie Callait, Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:23
8. “Tell Me Why”Liz Rose, Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift3:20
9. “You’re Not Sorry”Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:21
10. “The Way I Loved You”John Rich, Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:02
11. “Forever & Always”Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift3:44
12. “The Best Day”Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:04
13. “Change”Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:38
14. “Jump Then Fall”Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift3:56
15. “Untouchable”Cary Barlowe, Nathan Barlowe, Taylor Swift, Tommy Lee JamesChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift5:11
16. “Forever & Always” (Piano Version)Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:27
17. “Come in with the Rain”Liz Rose, Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift3:56
18. “Superstar”Liz Rose, Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:23
19. “The Other Side of the Door”Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift3:57
20. “Today Was a Fairytale”Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Taylor Swift4:01
21. “You All Over Me” (featuring Maren Morris)Scooter Carusoe, Taylor SwiftAaron Dessner, Taylor Swift3:40
22. “Mr. Perfectly Fine”Taylor SwiftJack Antonoff, Taylor Swift4:36
23. “We Were Happy”Liz Rose, Taylor SwiftAaron Dessner, Taylor Swift4:03
24. “That’s When”Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Taylor SwiftJack Antonoff, Taylor Swift3:09
25. “Don’t You”Taylor Swift, Tommy Lee JamesJack Antonoff, Taylor Swift3:28
26. “Bye Bye Baby”Liz Rose, Taylor SwiftJack Antonoff, Taylor Swift4:01
27. “Love Story” (Elvira Remix)Taylor SwiftChristopher Rowe, Elvira Anderfjärd3:31


  • Tracks 1–20 and 27 are noted as “Taylor’s Version”.
  • Tracks 21–26 are noted as “From the Vault” on physical editions, and “(Taylor’s Version) [From the Vault]” on digital editions of the album.
  • Track 27 is only included on the physical deluxe edition of the album.
  • On the physical CD copies of the album, tracks 1-13 are on the first disc while disc two contains tracks 14-27.
  • Like with folkore and evermore, Swift released four compilation albums, known as chapters, exclusively to digital and streaming services.
    • Fearless (Taylor’s Version): The Halfway Out the Door Chapter was released on May 13, 2021.
    • Fearless (Taylor’s Version): The Kissing in the Rain Chapter was released on May 19, 2021.
    • Fearless (Taylor’s Version): The I Remember What You Said Last Night Chapter was released on May 24, 2021.
    • Fearless (Taylor’s Version): The From the Vault Chapter was released on May 26, 2021.


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