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March, 2003 13 years

Don’t ever let anyone make you think you don’t deserve what you want

“She’s a big star at Banana
Joe’s bar as she sings Karaoke
every night. She says if you
work hard to get where
you are it feels good
the hot spot light.
She’s a Big Star”
– Kenny Chesney 2003

“I remember the eyes
of the kid in the crowd
who cut me down to size
realizing is crying out loud
for every kid onstage
There a kid in the crowd
“Property of me
Taylor Swift xoxo
(That could be
worth money
just  kidding
hehe :))

Journal #1
“The world is as big as you make it
Never be shameful to fly
When a chance comes, you should take it
May you never be scared of
Goodbye…” – Me!


August 25, 2003 13 years

August 25
Wyomissing PA

Today was my first day
of school and you won’t
believe ho much better 8th
grad is than 7th!! The
real problem last year was
the grade above us, and now
they’re 9th graders so we
never see them. I love
being older than the 7th
graders! I never knew
how stupid I must have
looked, carrying around
that HUGE book bag
running and bumping into
everybody trying to get to
class on time! Okay,
here’s my schedule:

1 accel integrated studies
2 science
3 american studies
4 latin 1
5 accel English
6 accel Math
7 Intro Computer Studies
8 Chorus/Gym

I think I might just
live through this year!!
I just hope I can keep
up! My locker is 117 and
my combination is 35-9-27.
I love being older!
I think my teacher’s
gonna give me a
spotlight solo in chorus!
This year could be fun.
I don’t care what
people think of me
now because I
won’t let them bring
me down



February 14, 2004 14 years

February 14

Today was Valentine’s Day —
but seriously I never would’ve
known. I don’t have a
boyfriend or a crush — there’s
no point in even acknowledging
V-day when you don’t have
those key elements. So, I
woke up and perfected/tweaked
this new song I wrote
yesterday called Someone Loves
You— It basically says
that no matter what
you’ve done or where you are
in life, somewhere someone loves
you. I wrote another one
called Outside– It’s about
being left out in the cold and
being—well, an outsider. I don’t
know if it’ll go anywhere, but
it made me feel better.

Taylor Swift xoxo


May 27, 2006 16 years

5/27/06 This morning me and
Mom got up (we’re in Vegas
staying a the MGM Grand)
and I got dressed in
that light green strapless
butterfly dress and boots
and went to do a
radio interview and it was
fun. then I went down to
the radio remote where all
the artists and radio people
are and did a hundred
interviews. It’s cool.
John Rich came up to me and
made me tell him who I
was. And Derks Bentley
introduced himself to me.
I felt awesome. Then we
were walking out and
all these fans wanted
their pictures with me
and were calling out
my name and stuff
and I loved it. Now
I’m about to go out
and do another show
Taylor Swift


May 11, 2008 18 years

May 11

This past week has been
amazing and CRAZY! I’ve
been in New York City doing
all kinds of fashion stuff.
I got invited to this event
called ‘The Met Gala’,
which is THE part of
the year, put on by Vogue.
Each designer picks a celebrity
to wear one of their
new dresses from their
new line and I was
picked/invited by Badgley
Mischka, this AMAZING
team of designers. I’ve
loved their dresses for
so long, and was SO
excited when I got
word that I was
picked by them.
The read carpet for
the gala was held
on the stone steps up
to the Metropolitan
Museum of Art. There was a
tent over it and paparazzi
on each side of the
stairs. When we got out
the paps started SCREAMING
for me. It was carzy.
We made our way
up the red carpet
\posing for everyone. All of
the women looked so
glamorous in their gowns
We got to the top of the
stairs and waited in a
long line to greet the
hosts of the evening. Anna
Wintour of Vogue, George Clooney
Julia Roberts and Giorgio
Armani. Along the sides of
the long carpet we were
on models stood as
decoration, standing still and
wearing gorgeous gowns.
Then we went into the
cocktail area and I saw
every celebrity ever created
Scarlett Johansson, Gisele,
Tom Brady, Beyonce, Jon Bon
Jovi (who called me over to
talk to him), Victoria Beckham,
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes,


2009 Never Grow Up Lyrics

Your little hands wrapped
around my finger and its
so quiet in the world tonight

Your little eyelids flutter cause
you’re dreaming so I tuck you
in and

Your little hands wrapped around
my fingers in the soft glow of
your little blue favorite night light——Charlie Brown, lady bug, bugs bunny, moon, Superman
Your little eyelids flutter cause
Your dreaming, so and I tuck
you in and say baby you’re safe
Little one good night
To you everything’s funny
And not on You got
nothing to regret.
I’d give everything-all I have honey
For you to stay like that

Oh darling don’t you ever grow up
Don’t you ever grow up
Stay this simple little
Oh darling don’t you ever grow up
“‘Things could stay this simple


July 11, 2009 19 years

July 11
(4:49 AM)

I just got back from a
trip to Canada that was
absolutely refreshing and
good for the soul. I never
never really knew what a
good thing having no cell
or internet service could be.
But it was a great thing.
I did things a little
differently up there, and I
actually liked it. I started
reading self-help books.
It’s really uplifting knowing
that you can change your
life today, tomorrow…
Just by doing a few things
you never thought of
or doing things differently
than you’ve done them
before. New things I
adopted from a self-help
book: Get up early. Keep your
cool. Don’t tee off on people
you love. Laugh more.
You can control your moods.
Create a love account and
make deposits, in other words,
show people that you love
them. Tell people that
you love them. Another new
hobby of mine is…..
antique stores, And not just
neat, organized antique
stores. I really like the
ones where there’s so much
crap to dig through, you
can find absolute treasures
for nothing. I went to 2
antique stores in
Saskatchewan, and one today
in Winnipeg. I bought
all these old glass mason
jars. I’m gonna use them
for candle holders. I bought
old scales and watch faces
and chairs and old trunks
and a bird cage and 2 lamps.
This weekend I gave everyone
in the band raises.
That was before the first
show we played. Calgary.
Than before the show we
played tonight, I called
the whole crew in for
a meeting, and bonused
everybody. 72 people.



October 9, 2010 20 years

October 9

Today was a long day but it
was great to get all of that
stuff done– The Grand Ole Opry
performance was tongiht.
The Opry was just reopened
and the backstage is AMAZING
now. Since the flood, they redid
everything. Every room is
custom and chic and just
lovely, warm and well
thought out. I walked to
Starbucks this morning with
my headphones on, listening
to music. Music has
helped me a lot lately.
It keeps me quiet my
very loud fears.
I love mornings like that,
smiling and talking to strangers,
waving to fans and they burst
into tears and screams — All
before noon. I drove to the
Opry around 3 because I
had to do some video interviews.
I wore a sparkly cream
dress for my performances,
my first one was at 8, the
second at 10. I performed
You Belong, Love Story and
a solo acoustic version of
Mine. That got excellent
response. It almost turns into
a different song when it’s
acoustic. I got applause
several times throughout the
song. I was more
nervous on the first show.
I get stage fright every
time I walk onto a stage
now. I wash it wasn’t so,
but I can’t blame my mind
for freaking out about performances,
criticism of my performances
has been the biggest source of
pain in my life. I sometimes
feel like my college degree
is in acting like I’m ok
when I’m not



February 2011 All Too Well lyrics 1st Draft

There we are again
When you blow the
candle out
took this blazing love
steered it right
into the ground
Shaking running scared
I was there

I left
I walked in through
The door with you
The air was cold
Pictures on the fireplace
You’re showing You showed me around
Well I left my
scarf there at your
sister’s house
On the banister.
I remember even now

You’ll male back
my things in a box
with no note
Except for that scarf
from that very first
week– Cause
Yeah you keep in it
in your drawer
Cause it smells
like me
It was the one
real thing you’ve
ever felt and
You remember it
all too well


September 8, 2011 21 years

September 8

I was supposed to fly to
LA after the show in
Tacoma WA last night,
but after talking to my
brother on the phone and
missing my mom and my
town where I know my
way around – I got
homesick and flew back
to Nashville instead. It was
a long flight, but I’m so
happy I chose to come home.
Mostly because I wrote a
song on the planbe on the
way home called ‘Red’
I got in at 6am
this morning slept til
10, brought mom eggs
benedict for breakfast,
went and got coffee
(the pumpkin spice lattes
are back at Starbucks!!)
and mom and I drove
around talking. She
showed me all the new
decorating she’d done in
her new house. It looks
absolutely fantastic.
She has scented candles
burning in every room.
So each part of the
house smells like a new
kind of heaven. In the
evening I went to
Nathan’s studio to record.
When I played Red
for him, he lost it.
He absolutely freaked
over the lyrics. I was
so happy. As we started
recording it, it got more
and more awesome,
with banjo and this
affected vocal part that
runs under the chorus
going “re-e-ee-e-e-d”.
I’d love to have my
next album red. Scott
came over because I
called him and he
was still working at the
office. He said this
song takes it to the
next level. He
lost it over the song.
My mom loves it too.
It’s so different than
anything we’ve done.
I can even tell you
how alive and worthwhile
I feel when I’m
writing a new song and
I finish it and people
like it. It’s the most
fulfilling feeling, like
getting an A+ on your
report card.

Recording again


August 14, 2013 23 years

August 14
Watch Hill RI

This week, I spent
most of my time watching
TV, some of it swimming
in the pool, a significant
amount of time feeling
incomplete. Then wondering
why because I have
the life I’ve always
wanted. Then hating
myself for feeling in
any way ungrateful
for this mostly perfect

But this mostly perfect
life can feel a lot like
being a tiger in a
wildlife enclosure.
It’s pretty in there,
but you can’t get out.

It’s peculiar to me that
after all these years, I
still get so anxious when
I see a group of people
staring, amassed outside my
house, pointing, camera
phones up… They could
never imagine how much
that feels like being
hunted and no matter
how big my house is or how
many albums I sell,
I’m still going to be the
rabbit. Because the
hunters will always
outnumber me. The
spectators will stand by
shaking their heads, going
“That poor girl.”

But the point is,
They’re still watching.
Everyone loves to watch
a good hunt.

I worry for my
generation and the ones
after that because they
will never truly
experience a moment
without attempting to
capture it and own it.
I am of the generation
where you see a
beautiful flower growing
up through the cracks in
the sidewalk and you
pick it. You take it with
you to show everyone
yuo you know. Whereas
I think our ancestors
might come upon a
beautiful flower and
stop and think ‘Wow,
that is really beautiful.’

Never mind that picking a
flower kills it, the same
way taking a picture of
a moment can ruin it
altogether. They need
to possess things.
They need photographic proof
that they were there.
They need to then post
that photo online so
their friends can see it.
so that they can spend
all day checking the
comments underneath.
That level of posession
worries me.


January 25, 2014 24 years

January 25

It’s the middle
of the night and I
was at the Clive
Davis Pantry tonight
which means… the
Grammys are
tomorrow. Never
have I felt so
good about our
chances. Never
have I wanted
something as badly
as I want to hear
them say ‘Red’
is the Album of
the Year.


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