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June 2010

Long live
The magic we made
And bring on all the pretenders
Cause one day
We will be remembered.


May 17, 2003 13 years

May 17
Hey, today Mom and I
went to New York. We
talked and laughed all
the way up and parked in
a garage near my voice lesson.

We walked to her
apartment and we worked
on Smoky Black Nights
after doing all her
warm ups. I didn’t do
it well @ first but
she said that the song was
“ingenious”. Cool. After
mom and I went to
this cowboy/western store
nearby. We got a white
shirt that buttons up, jeans,
and a white T w/ holes
in it. Then we had pizza
at a pizza place and
walked back to the car.
stopping @ Taste D Tasti
D-Lite, our FAVORITE
ice cream store. It’s
kosher, non cholesterol,
extreemly tasty, dreamy,
frozen yogurt, and
only 40 calories. Does it
get any better htan
that? Then we went
home and got movies.
You know, sometimes I
think a lot about what
my first kiss is going
to be like. It’s going to be
great and romantic.

I’m such a romantic.
I just dream about
looking into someone’s
eyes and feeling
something I’ve never
felt before, you know?
I just never was able
to put a face to my
fantacy. But something tells
me that my first kiss is
really far away from
happening! Because the guys
in our school aren’t even
worth worrying about. They
are all in it for one thing
and I think you know
what that is, too. I guess I’ll be okay without a first
kiss!! xoxo
Taylor Swift xoxo


June 5, 2003 13 years

Hey Journal,
I had to sing @
one Garden Party today so
Mom and I went to the
field and got some of the
equiptment set up. Then we
went home and I got ready.
When we got there all
of my friends were
there and they helped
set up (kind of)

I started my show
and in the first three
chords of the first song,
my guitar pick broke in
half and flew out of my
hands! There was this
huge silence!
It was
awful! I had to bend
over and
pick it up in
front of

And while I was singing, this
guy was shouting stuff like,
“Go on, b#@, sing that
country bulls#%! Go on mother fcker!” It was
awful. After the
Garden Party, we all
went to the Reading
Hospital to visit Nanny.
She looks worse everytime
we go. I sang I Used
to Fly, A Little More Like You
and Some Girl for Nanny
and her roommate,
Penny. Penny has liver
Cancer and is bald from
chemo. All of the nurses
loved listening to it.
It w went really well.

Then we went
home and I worked
on a song called
Not One Day. It’s ok,
but I don’t know.
Taylor Swift


November 5, 2004 14 years

November 5


Yesterday was Friday, and instead of
going to the movies or something I fell
asleep. I needed it! This last week
was CRAZY. OK, so Capital Records
doesn’t think I’m ready right now, and
I could get a deal right now with
them, but not the deal I would want.

So on the other hand, there’s Scott
Borchetta, who we met w/ at
Universal. And you know, I really
loved all the stuff he said in the
meeting, and he stayed for the whole
Bluebird show. And he’s so passionate
about this project. I think that’s the
way we’re gonna go, I want to
surround myself with passionate
people. I’m not sad about Capital, b/c
I don’t want to lost on a big
label, like with RCA.

Taylor Swift


November 29, 2006 16 years

Nov. 29, 2006
back in N’ville

Mediabase: 9
BB: 11
So I just got
in from Idaho Falls,
I did a sold out
show in Ogden, UT
and 2 nights ago and
then another in
Idaho Falls last
night. It was snowing
in both places and
it was cold. So
today we all piled
in this huge van
and drove to the
airport in Salt Lake
City (4 hr. drive)
and flew to Ve me
and mom were
supposed to be flying
to St. Louis for WILand but
Scott called me at
the airport and
said “St. Louis
is supposed to get
15 inches of snow,
They’re cancelling
the show. You have a
day off.” SO we
hopped on a flight to
Vegas, and were
suppose to have a
4 hour layover, but
we found a flight
that was just about
to leave for Nashville
and it was barely
full fi so we ran
and caught that
one and here I
am in my own
comfy bed. I have
tomorrow off so I’m
gonna go out to
eat with Abigail.

Oh and I’m dieting again.
Over the holidays I
didn’t watch what
I ate and man its
so weird how fast
I can gain or lose
weight… It’s crazy.
So I’m going to lose
some now.


December 2006 White Horse lyrics

White Horse

Say you’re sorry
That Face of an angel
Comes out just when you
need it too.
As I paced back and forth
all this time cause I
honestly believed in you
Holding on, the days drag on
Voices sang realize, I should’ve known
Should’ve known…

I’m not a princess
This ain’t a fairytale
I’m not the one you’ll sweep
off her feet, lead her up
the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood
This is a small town
I was a dreamer before
you went and let me down
Now it’s too late for you
and your white horse
to come around

Maybe I was naive
Got lost in your eyes and
Never really had a chance
My mistake, I didn’t know
to be in love you had to
fight to have the upper hand
I was never exactly what
you wanted, now I know

Well sad I to had my dreams about for
you and me, happy endings
Now I know
There you are on your knees
begging for forgiveness
beggin for me…
Just like I always
wanted to see…

But I’m not a princess
This ain’t a fairytale
So I’m gonna find
someone who might
actually treat me well
This is a big world
That was a small town
There in my review
mirror disappearing now
So it’s too late for you
and your white horse
to catch me now.


December 27, 2006 17 years

December 27
H’vill, TN

So I got to check off
my first life goal today.
My album sold 61,000
copies last week!!!

My goal was to sell
50,000 in one week.
We flew by that.
How CRAZY is that?

How crazy is this I’m
playing The Wildhorse
Saloon tomorrow
night and I’m SO
excited. All of my
friends are coming.
Cannot WAIT.

It’s gonna be a fun
show. So I’ve been home
since Christmas.

Let’s see, life is pretty
good. I’m now obsessed
with Law & Order.
Completely obsessed. And
my album’s about to go
gold. Haven’t kissed a boy
in 209 days.



March 17, 2009 19 years

It’s me, the girl
who always forgets to
write in her journal.
Oh yea. Her. I just
got back from Australia.
I was there for 2 weeks
and it was amazing.
Gorgeous there.

So… what else has
happened since I wrote…
I was on the cover of
Rolling Stone. My tour has
sold out every venue
including Madison Square
Garden (in 1 minute) and
Staples Center (in 2).

I somehow feel like
it’s my destiny to
roll my eyes at happy
couples and resent
Valentines Day. I also
feel like I’m the girl
before “the one”. I’m
not “the one”. I’m the
girl you think is the
one for you, and when
it doesn’t workout
with me, you meet the
next girl and realize
she IS the one. The
one you’re gonna stay
with. I might get married.

But I think it’s
ultimately my fate
to light candles and
pine away and roll my
eyes at happy couples
and resent Valentines Day.



April 12, 2010 20 years

April 13, 2010
Nashville TN

So I’ve been obsessing
over the new record
to the point where it’s
all I can focus on.

I’m majorly stressed
and borderline losing it,
with all these lists
and chronic dissatisfactions.

Perfectionist-ness. I keep
growing tired of songs
because I know I’ve
raised the bar and I
can beat half the songs.

Scott and I had lunch
the other day. We were
talking about the record and I
had this epiphany. I didn’t
talk in interviews about
how I felt about
much of what has
happened in the last
2 years. I’ve been
silent about so much
that I’m saying on this album. It’s time
to Speak Now.

Scott freaked out.
He loved it. We have a
title, ladies and gentlemen!



June 17, 2011 21 years

June 17 2011

Something so unexpected and
amazing has happened recently…

I’ve become blissfully happy
with my life. Like, actually
grateful for every second of the
day. I’ve noticed this onset for a
while, but it’s really hit me in the
last week, and especially since I
wrote those 2 new songs. I really
do need to create in order to
live and feel worthwhile. But it’s
more than just that. I’m happy
with my family. I’m happy
about this tour. I’m happy
that tomorrow morning I get
on a plane to Pittsburgh, play a
stadium of 60,000 people, then fly
home. I’m happy that the next
day I’m recording 2 new songs.

I’m happy that I get to
meet so many people on the road
who make me feel like my
music really matters to them.

This ridiculous thing happens
to me when I’m this happy…
I start feeling like karma
will balance it all out by
making something tragic happen.

But I’m trying to just show
gratitude as much as I can.

Everyday, every minute.
I’m grateful for being happy
right this moment. I think I’m
a summer person. I’m also a work
person. Tour gives me something to
pour myself into and a reason
to feel ok about sleeping in til
noon on my days off. Today I
went to a management meeting
and approved/declined things and then
went shopping for Fathers Day. Tomorrow
it might rain in Pittsburgh.

I hope it doesn’t.



March 2, 2012 22 years

March 2
Perth, AUS

So here we are in Perth. It’s
a beach town on the Indian
Ocean and it’s beautiful. It’s
85° and sunny and yesterday
I went to Cottesloe Beach —
I’ve never seen
water that crystal blue
before. This art festival going
on, so there were all these
sculptures set up on the
beach. We laid our towels
out and got tans and
frolicked in the water.

After our beach afternoon,
we went to this
restaurant right on the beach
called Indiana. It was
like an old fancy hotel.
It’s one of the most
beautiful places I’ve been.
whi with old world arches
and moldings, antique tables,
and big Frech Doors opening
out to views of azure
blue ocean. We sat there
for hours drinking strawberry
mojitos and eating calamar,
until I was so tired, I
went back to my fluffy
hotel bed and slept.

I’ve been thinking a lot
about getting older and
relevancy and how all
my heroes have all ended
up alone. I wrote a song on the
plane ride from Sydney to
Perth on the Appalachian
dulcimer I bought the
day of my flight. I
bought it because Joni
played on most of her
Blue record. I taught myself to play ‘A Case of You’
anyway, I wrote a song
on it called ‘Nothin
New’ and its about being
scared of aging and things
changing and losing what
you have. It’s says “I’m
getting older and less sure
of what you like about
me anyway”. And in the
chorus it says “How can a
person know things at
at 18 and nothing at 22?
And will you still want
me… when I’m nothin
new.” It’s a really
venerable song, but I
think it’s impossib important
to say.



February 22, 2014 24 years

Feb 22

This week I’ve
been in the studio
with Max and Johan
every day and it
has been the most
creatively successful
and fulfilling time.

The first day,
Johan just made
a really up tempo
drum beat because
we decided we needed
something up and
light. We worked at
it for a few
hours before I just
started singing “Shake
it off, shake it off”.
And then the best
way I know how
to describe it is that
the chorus just fell
out of the sky.

It ended up being
this song about doing
your own thing even
though haters are
gonna hate, and you
just have to dance
to your own beat.

We all went
home and I wrote
the first and second
verse and brought
them in the next
day. We wrote
this chanty cheer
leader bridge that
I absolutely LOVE.
We spent all day
doing vocals and
the next day recording
backing vocals.
I think it’ll end up
being the first single
and Max said it’s
his favorite song he’s
ever been a part


August 29, 2016 26 years

Aug 29

This summer is the


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