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August 29, 2010 20 years

August 29

Speak Now tour ideas
Themes for set:

  • whimsy/vintage/boudoir
    -velvet maroon/magenta purple rich color
    fabrics forming a tent/curtain
    roof above stage
  • bird cages hanging
  • antique gold frames
  • snowy winter scene for
    back to december
  • maybe be lowered in a
    painting for ap opening
  • recreate a church for
    Speak Now
    -intro video my mouth/lips
    close up


May 19, 2003 13 years

May 19
Oh I was such a b****
today! When mom picked me
up, she was late again
because she though I had
Varsity Singers. I was nasty
to everybody!! Oh, I tried to
practice my songs for
Nashville, but I completely
psyched myself out and
broke down crying. I
don’t know if I can do
this. I want it so bad but
I get so scared at of what
might not happen! When I
miss notes, I dive bomb and
the whole things goes
crashing down. I just have
to breathe in… and breathe
out… breathe in… relax,
Nashville is not going to
kill me… I can handle it.
I’m okay. I’ll be fine.
I’m young. I’m talented.
They’ll see it in me.
I’ll be okay. I’ve
got to hang on. Can’t
worry. I’m only 13.
I’m allowed to make
mistakes, right? Oh, this
is a lot to handle.

Taylor Swift

PS. Pray for a better day


June 19, 2003 13 years

June 19
Nashville TN

Hey Diary,
This morning, I woke up
and I went over
to RCA records and
did a small showcase
and “chatted” with them.

We talked to this girl
and she was really
hip and cool with me.
they really liked me and said
they would call on Monday
because she would be on
on vacation that weekend. Then
we headed over to Capital
Records and met with the
president and vice president of
the company. They totally
flipped out over me!
They even said I was the
most talented 13-year-old
they had ever seen! They
told me that I should
be thanking God every day
for the incredible gift he
gave me. Well, I appreciated
the compliment but then they
followed it up with
“I’d just hate to see you jump into this right now
and have a short-lived
career.” They verey very
politely agreed that country
is directed to 35-year-olds.
Radio just doesn’t play teens.
That’s where I’m gonna prove
them wrong! Well, he
took me on a tour of
the building and gave me
about 25 CDs of Capital’s
artists. Isn’t that nice? to the hotel and then
we went to the Bluebird
Cafe, this cafe where like 4
songwriters go in and sing
their songs. We sat all
the way in the back. I have a
radio call, meeting with Warner,
and flight to catch tomorrow.
I need my sleep!!

Taylor Swift

I have a good feeling
about RCA!


October 15, 2003 13 years

October 15

I really have decided that
school is a big disappointment.
It’s only cool when
you’re popular. I’m not.
It’s cool when you have
a boyfriend. It’s cool
when everybody likes you.
I don’t have that.
But my extracurricular
“life” is what really
matters to me.

I guess I’m just not
good enough for people
my own age. Or maybe
I’m not bad enough?

Taylor Swift xoxo


June 3, 2006 16 years

June 3 Saturday 1 Am

weather: Story
on the radio today: ME
what’s going on?: I’ve been on
WSIX98 SO much lately and it’s
I am excited about: Being on the radio! I’ve
been winning songs challenges across
the country
my concerns: Dude. I just want things
to keep being amazing
I feel: Great. Feel like all
the work is finally paying off.

Tomorrow: Lunch w/Abigail
Monday: Phoenix, open for
Hootie & the Blowfish at a huge
radio event.

Oh Gosh. Today was great.
I got up early and went to
Love Shack, a studio downtown
with Mom. There I had
an ISDN phone interview for
Westwood One radio then one for
NASCAR radio, then we broke
for lunch, then we went to
Sirius Radio and that went
amazing. Then an interview
at CMT radio. Then went to the
label to label envelopes of singles.
Then went home and me and
Abigail watched GAC Nights.
Then went to the v-ball
courts. Than answered like 100
email over Myspace. Then my
friend called me and said they
heard “Tim McGraw” on the radio!
And I couldn’t belive it!
I’m so excited. This is such an
unbelievable life. I’m so
happy. God, I’m so lucky to
be doing this. I really just
hope things keep going
great, and Oh my GOD.
This is all I’ve been
waiting for!

Taylor Swift


December 30, 2007 18 years

December 30

I apologize for not writing
in so long. A lot has happened…
Let’s see, Christmas. It was
great, Austin and Andrea
had their minds set
on frying the turkey this
year, so the day before
Christmas eve, my friend and
I were sent to Wal Mart
to buy a turkey fryer.
Apparently no one in the
store knew where a
turkey fryer would be
located. So, one hour and
50 million “Will you sign
this”‘s later, we had a
turkey fryer, which we
found in the garden
section. of all places.

Frying the turkey was a
cute idea. I give mom credit
for being creative. They had
the little rig set up in
the back yard, and the
70 barrels of oil… it was
great. When it actually
came to making edible food
that’s where the whole thing
fell apart. The turkey
actually melted in the
turkey fryer. It was
disgusting. We had a
vegetarian Christmas
dinner. Present exchanging
was cool. I painted
dad 2 paintings for
his office, and mom
cried like a baby when
we played The Best Day
DVD I made her. I got
an iPhone from my
parents, and I’m so
obsessed with it, it’s not
even funny. It’s my soulmate.


September 18, 2009 19 years

Sept 18

Ahh.. the things that
can change in a week…

Let’s just say, if you had
told me that Kanye
West would have been
the number one focus of
my week, the medi,
and my part in the VMA’s,
I would’ve looked at you
cross-eyed. If you had
told me that I would
win the award I was
nominated for, I wouldn’t
have believed you. And if
you had told me that one
of the biggest stars in
music was going to jump
up on stage and announce
that he though I
shouldn’t have one on
live television, I would’ve
said “That stuff doesn’t
really happen in real
life.” Well… apparently
… it does.


June 16, 2010 20 years

June 16, 2010

So I’ve been a little
studio rat since the tour
ended (and it ended oh so
beautifully in front of
55,000 screaming fans at
Gillette Stadium. It was
just… Wow). Ever since,
I wake up to my cell
phone alarm around 9:30
each morning, throw on a
sundress, skip make up, tie
my hair in a messy
side-braid, and head out
the door with no shoes on.
Because the only walking
outside I’ll be doing is
from my house to my car,
than from my car, three
steps to Nathan’s basement

The CMT awards were
last week. I shocked the
world and straightened my
hair that night. Gasp!!

I worked on a song
for a few days, then
basically finished it in
the car on the way to
Nathan’s this morning.

It. Is. So. Good.
And I can safely say
I am DONE writing
this record!! This song is
up-tempo, and hooky and
sort of torn-sounding…
like this horrible stressed
confusion that comes on
when you know the
person you’re pinning away
for is in the room. And
for some reason, there are
these invisible walls
keeping things from being
okay. So you’re
not fine and they’re not
fine. And I’m so happy
I wrote that song!!



March 16, 2011 21 years

March 16, 2011
Paris, France

We went to
Germany than Venice
Italy, then Milan.
Germany was
an amazing crowd.

I was on a
serious show high
after that one. We
spent our 2 days off in
Venice and it was CRAZY
there. You have to
travel everywhere by
boat, and there are
old houses where the
front door steps lead
straight down into water!
I’d heard about it, but
actually seeing it is so

The next day I went
exploring a little in
the morning but I went
back to the hotel
and slept all day.

I think I was
catching up on sleep
I don’t get the whole
trip. It wasn’t until
Venice that I actually
slept a full night.

We took a side trip to
Schwangau, where they
have the Castle
Neuschwanstein. I’ve been
in love with that
castle since I was a
little kid. I did a
report on it in the 4th
grade. We drove 2
hours outside of Munich
to rural (I mean
remote, farmland, stuck
in the 1600’s rural),
Germany and stayed
in a tiny old hotel.
My room had a circular
bed that I couldn’t
sleep in (one leg is
always dangling off
the side) and went
shopping in this little
village surrounded by
fort castle walls
because the town was
built in the 1600’s. We
went to this little
shop where we poured
our own balsamic
vinegar into bottles. I
got this cranberry
balsamic vinegar that
is so good, you could
probably drink it.
I actually did. Anyway.

Today I had a lot
of anxiety about my
career because I
don’t know what to
do for the ‘Mean’ video.
It’s such an important
song and message and
it just isn’t coming
together. I get so
stressed out. I
played our Milan
show tonight then flew
to Paris. My life is so
beautiful right now.
Every once in a
while I have to
remind myself to
breathe and take
in the view.



February 2012 Holy Ground lyrics

I was reminiscing just the
other day while having coffee
all alone and Lord it took me
away – back to the first time glance feeling on New Time
found you were the last
word filling out the end of
the ryhme

And how we we took off
faster than a green days light go
Yeah you skip the conversation
when you already know
on the door I left a note
with a really sore joke
joke we made
That was the first day

And darling it was good
Never looking down
But right there where we
stood was holy ground



June 10, 2012 22 years

June 10

I’ve been in the studio non
stop this week. I was in
with Max Martin and Johan
Shellback, the guys I wrote
‘Getting Back Together with.
The first day, I had to do
this corporate performance
for an arena full of
managers. I played Love Story
and Mean solo acoustic and
Justin Timberlake was
MCing so he introduced me.
Hilarious sense of humor. He
was making the whole
arena laugh.

When I finished there
I got on a plan and this
idea came to me “I don’t
know about you. but I’m
feeling 22″ I wrote the
entire chorus on the plane
ride to LA. When I landed,
I went straight to the
studio and played it for Max
and Johan. They loved it.

I was so excited. I
wrote 22 about how much
fun I’ve been having this
summer and this year in general.
It’s so carefree and sounds like
a summer anthem. I was
floating on a cloud after we
wrote it. The next day I
brought them a chorus
called ‘Trouble’ that’s
about how I should’ve
known what I was
getting into.

We came back to ‘Trouble’
and it turned out to be
absolutely amazing. It’s so
edgy and unexpected. It’s
almost dubstep. My friends
love that one the most.

I love writing so much.
It’s the only thing that makes
total sense to me.
If I missed a day in the studio,
I’d be so mad at myself.
God I’ve been having such
a beautiful life lately.
I can’t believe it. It’s like
there’s magic in the air.

Friday was my day off, I
woke up and went hiking
then went home and showered,
painted my nails, daydreamed
about our trip for the 4th of July.



October 17, 2012 This Love lyrics

October 17, 2012

Clear blue water
High tide came and brought you in
Skies grew darker
Currents swept you out again
In silent screams
In wildest dreams
I never dreamed of this

This love is good
This love is bad
This love is alive
Back from the dead, oh
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me

Twisting, turning
Tried to keep warm
With someone new
Lantern burning, flickered
through the night for only you
Through losing grip
On sinking ships
You showed up just in time


This love is good
This love is bad
This love is alive
Back from the dead, oh
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me.
This love left a permanent mark
This love is glowing in the dark, oh
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me

Your kiss, my cheek
I watched you leave
Your smile, my ghost
I fell to my knees
When you’re yong
You just run
But you come back
to what you need
You’re what I need




May 30, 2014 24 years

May 30

So we got to China
at around 2pm and I
knew it would
completely ruin me if I
slept when I got to
the hotel, so I decided
to work out.


Just went to my
purse and got my own
pen. So a crazy story
unfolded in the last
24 hours

Last night, I had this
vivid dream where
the photo I’d chosen
for the album
cover wasn’t good
enough, intriguing enough,
artful enough.

It woke me up. I
couldn’t shake it and it
stayed with me all
day. Because that
nagging feeling I’d
been pushing back
for weeks was now
confirmed in my gut…
It wasn’t good enough.

I went to the venue,
mind racing, wondering if
entirely new photo
shoot… I got to my
dressing room with
newer version of the
“cover” I looked at it
and felt nothing.

The team pulled up this
new scanned file of
the Polaroids we had
taken during the shoot.

I saw it within
10 seconds. The shot
The cover. It’s a
polaroid of me sitting
against a beige wall
with a blue seagull
sweat shirt on.

You can see my
red lips but the
phot cuts off my
eyes. For some
reason unknown to me,
it’s the most intriguing
photo I’ve seen. I
think it’s the mystery
of not seeing my eyes.

Maybe it just looks
effortlessly cool.

The craziest moment
came when something
caught my eye.
The cover photo is
photo 13.

I kid you not.

I played a sold out
show in Shanghai tonight
and the crowd was
amazing. Tomorrow we
go to Tokyo, where
they’ll have the whole
ticker tap parade at
the airport.

Smile and wave….



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