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October 12, 2006 Come In With The Rain lyrics

I could go back
to every laugh
But I don’t want to go there


March 23, 2003 13 years

March 23, 03

OK, where did I leave off?
Friday. OK, on Friday in
school we had a “Code
Red” drill. That’s when someone
comes into the school and
everybody gets freaked out
and the teachers move all
the students to the back of
the room and turn off the
lights. That night I
had to babysit Austin
while mom & dad went
to a Vonda Shepard
concert. Saturday mom
and I got up early to go do
NV for an hour 1/2 voice
lesson. ON the way
we listened to a CD
that mom bought from
the concert the night
before. It was this band
called Sugarland and the
lead singer is this girl
that’s really good. I like
their on song called
“Baby Girl”.


June 24, 2003 13 years

June 24

Hey Diary,
I got a record
records in Nashville
wants to give me a
development deal!!!

We were talking
sassy to the airport
(late) and when we
headed home, we
stopped at a Taco Bell
my manager called us on
Mom’s cell and she
gave the phone to me.

He had Dad on
conference call. He
started out by saying
“Well, we got follow
ups on all of the
labels. And they think
you need aa couple
years to grow so they
can put you on
the radio… except for
RCA, who wants to
sign you!! Congratulations!”

I was going crazy. I
cried. I guess I never
really expected to get
one! It’s a development
deal, but those are the
only details we have.

I told a bazillion people!
We were making CDs
for a New Hampshire
concert I have Friday
til 2:00AM tonight.
AHHH! Record deal!
R.C.A baby!

Taylor Swift


April 20, 2004 14 years

April 20

Today was the talent
show, it was @ 9:30am
in front of the whole
school. I was toward
the end. When it was my
turn, I sang Beautiful
on my 2-string
Koa. It went well.
I got a standing
ovation and everything.

After school, Mom and
I went into Nashville
and met at the label. I
played Angelina and
Beautiful Eyes for them.
They told us that we have
to pay for any demos we
make before the
deal… We didn’t know
about that. Afterword,
we went to RCA
Cafe. The people who
played where really
good and I want to
write with a girl
named Liz Rose who

Taylor Swift


October 18, 2006 16 years

October 18

Mediabase: 14
Billboard: 17

I am on the

I got the call
yesterday and screamed
louder than I can
ever remember screaming
before. I’m opening up
for the last nine dates
of their tour. I’m
SO excited. My first
Rascal show is
tomorrow night in
Omaha, Nebraska.
I am SO excited.

Taylor Swift


April 8, 2007 17 years

April 8
A plane

I’m on the plane
on the way to L.A.
because we’re playing
the opening day for the
Dodgers tomorrow. Yeah.
It’s Easter. I packed
for LA and we
(mom & I) went to
the airport. At the
gate, I got recognized
by all these girls on
a softball team, and this
couple whose daughters
love my Cd… It happens
everywhere I now —

At lunch it happened
5 times so I signed the
teams autographs and
took pictures. Then
they asked me to play
a song (not thinking
I’d say yes). So Emily,
Grant, Ben and I
pulled out our
instruments and played
‘Our Song and ‘Teardrops
On My Guitar’ right
there in the airport
terminal. Ha. It was fun.
No we’re just sitting
here on the plane…
Doing nothing. It’s exactly
a week til the CMT
Music Awards and I
am SO nervous


July 12, 2009 19 years

Jully July 12

Today was a wonderful
day. And not because of
some massive career
accomplishment or award show.

It wasn’t about world
domination or another number
1 song. Today was just…
wonderful. Today was simple.
And perfect. Because today
was just me and my mom,
driving around, looking at
antiques in little antique
shops, talking about what
Chandelier should go in the
foyer and if this cabinet
would look right in the guest
room. We stopped for ice
cream cones. It started
raining hard while we were
shopping, so we had to run
back to the car, getting
soaked and screaming.

We met up with Dad and
Austin for dinner at Kabuto.
But the best part of the
day was just driving around
with my mom. Correction:
riding around with my mom
with a bunch of antiques
clanking together in the trunk.
I just kept thinking, when
I’m 90 years old, re-living
the good old days, I doubt
if I’ll look back on the
number one panties as fondly
and frequently as I’ll
look back on today.

Wearing read lipstick for no
reason, mom in her black
t-shirt and wet hair,
driving around talking
about which chandlier should go
in the foyer.



February 13, 2010 20 years

February 13
Adelaide – plane

My horoscope said today
someone new is going to
come into the picture and
change my life in an
exciting way. PLUS,
it’s the 13 so it has
to be true. Right?
Right? Well, I don’t
see it happening in the
form of meeting someone.
Maybe I’ll get an
email or a call
from someone fantastic
and life changing.
Or maybe I won’t.
That’s more likely.

I’ve been obsessing over
the new album. I always
do that until its just
right. I don’t know if
I have the formula
just right for this one
yet. I know those are
great songs. I just
need to figure out the
strands that band them
together into a great
album. And I will
obsess until its there.
This album, any album,
is the next 2 years
of my life. It has
to be more than
amazing. It has to be
great enough to keep
my attention for 2 years.


March 2011 All Too Well lyrics Final Draft

I walked through the
door with you the
air was cold, something
bout it felt like home
somehow and I
left my scarf there
at your sisters house
and you’ve still got it
in your drawer
even now

Oh your sweet disposition
My wide eyed gaze
We’re singing in the car
getting last upstate
Autumn leaves falling
down like pieces into
place and I can
picture it after
all these days

I know it’s long
gone and that magic’s
not here no more
I’m not fire at all

There we are
again little town
street – you almost
ran the red cause
you were lookin out
at me, wind in my
hair, I was there
I remember it all
too well

Photo album on the
counter, your cheeks
are turning red
you used to be a
little kid with
glasses in a twin
sided bed

Your mother’s telling
stories about you
on the the t-ball
Learning taught me about your
past, thinking your
future was me

I know it’s long gone
and there was nothing
else I could do
And I forget about
you long enough
to forget why I
need to

There we are again
the middle of the night
dancing around the kitchen
in the frigerator light
I was there
I remember it all
too well

Maybe we got lost
in translation
Maybe I asked
for too much
But maybe this
thing was a
masterpiece til
you tore it all
up, running scared
I was there
I remember it

And you call me up
again just to break
me like a promise
So casually cruel
in the name of
being honest I’m a crumpled up
piece of paper lying there

Days go by and its
like you’re I’m paralyzed

Time goes by won’t fly it’s like
Try Like be be my old
self again but I’m
still tryin to find it
after plaid shirt day
And nights you made
me your own
Mow, you mail back
my things and I
walk home alone
But you kept my old
scarf from that very
first week – cause
it reminds you of
innocence and it smells
like me-
You can’t get rid of it
Case you remember
it all too well

There we are again
You’re crying on the plane
Realized you lost
The one real thing
You’ve ever known

There we are
again when I loved
Before You so back before
you lost the only ONE
real thing you’ve
ever known
It was rare
I was there
I remember it
all, it was th rare
You were there
You remember
it all too


October 30, 2011 21 years

October 30

Tonight we played in
Memphis. I’ve had a
chest infection for the last
few days, so singing
has been so hard. Last
night, my voice kept
quitting on me, going all
raspy or just not being
able to reach the high
notes… I almost cancelled
tonight’s show, but I
made it through. I
went into a few coughing
fits tonight but I
sounded better than last
night. We’ve already played
3 shows in Nashville!
Knoxville, Louisville, Lexington
We only have 9 shows
left on this tour and
I’m ready for a break.
I’ve written 2 songs in
the last few days.

I want to record
them so bad, but my
voice is shot from being
so run down I’m
just so glad to have a
few days off. (Ok…2)

Guess what I’m doing

Getting a kitten!!!

I’ve wanted a cat for
so long and I’m finally
doing it. I love Scottish
folds! I look up to internet
videos of them. They’re so
cute and love humans.

So I’m going to
get this little kitten
tomorrow morning!
I’m naming her
Meredith. Meredith Gray.
Because she’s gray.



December 3, 2013 23 years

Dec 3, 2013
Sydney, AUS

We played three shows
in Auckland, New
Zealand and they
went so well. I
was a little worried I
wouldn’t be able to
snap right back into
this show, but I actually
feel like I’m putting
on a better shows now.

My posture my
movements, tis all
so much more pronounced
and I fell inc
control of my lags and
feet. Ella (Lorde) came
and hung out with
me the day of the
first show & at my
hotel and we caught up.

Today we all flew
to Sydney. Christmas
is right around the
corner, so I’ve been
obsessing over what
to get Austin. And
I decided on a
sentimental gift
round up all the
hilarious texs and
memos last year, and
putting them in a
scrap book callled
“Shit my brother
Say”. So I got a
printer and I
worked an the book

ALL Day in my
room instead of going

Tomorrow is he show!



January 6, 2014 24 years

January 6

So I’ve decided I
want to look at places
in New York. I know
I went through this
phase months ago, but
it has to mean
something that I’ve
circled back to it,
right? You know what
they say, if you love
something let it go and
if it comes back–
blah blah blah

So I’m leaving the
day after tomorrow.
Dating is awful.
Love is fiction/a myth.
I’m over it all.



March 24, 2014 24 years

March 24
New York

So in the last few
weeks, I’ve completely
moved into my apartment
in Tribeca. That’s right,
I’m writing this from
my new bed in
my new place,
watching Law and
Order with Meredith.
Strangely, I’ve never
felt more busy.



January 3, 2017 27 years

Jan 3

I get all scared
about the future
because so much
has changed in
the last year of
my life. I mean
this time last
year I was living
in LA, getting
ready for Grammys
and now.

I’m essentially
based in London,
hiding out trying
to protect us
from the nasty
world that just
wants to ruin

We have been
together and no
one has found
out for 3 months
now. I want it
to stay that
way because
I don’t want
anything about
this to change
or become too
complicated or
intruded upon.
But it’s senseless
to worry about
someday not
being happy when
I am happy
now. OK. Breathe.



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