All music videos Taylor Swift has appeared in.

VideoDirector(s)Release Date
“Best Days of Your Life” (with Kellie Pickler)Roman WhiteFebruary 26, 2009
“Two is Better Than One” (with Boys Likes Girls)Meiert Avis, Jeremy AlterDecember 12, 2009
“Half of My Heart” (with John Mayer)P.R. BrownJune 2, 2010
“Both of Us” (with B.o.B)Jake NavaJune 27, 2012
“Highway Don’t Care” (with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban)Shane DrakeMay 6, 2013
“Babe” (with Sugarland)Anthony MandlerJune 9, 2018
“Renegade” (with Big Red Machine)Michael BrownJuly 2, 2021
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